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Erectile Dysfunction

Failures in the sexual life of men are more often called impotence. However, this isn’t entirely true. Impotence doctors believe condition in which a man under any circumstances isn’t able to have sexual intercourse. Fortunately, this occurs not so often. And accidentally or occasional erection problems should be called erectile dysfunction.

Speaking about the violations of erection should reservation in terminology. Today, most of the experts engaged in «men’s issues» used the term erectile dysfunction. The term «impotence» is gone. Not exactly a precise description of the status and wide dissemination of the word in everyday life has led to «discredit» as a medical term. Today the word «impotence» and «impotent» have «grossly offensive» shade, and, therefore, unacceptable in a conversation between a patient and a physician. Given the link between violations of erection and mental condition, urologists, sexologists and psychotherapists decided to abandon this stamp at the highest level. We will also adhere to this terminology. Impotents are not here. All can be fixed.

What is erectile dysfunction? In 1992, leading urologists of the world agreed understanding of the state of inability to sustain or achieve an adequate erection that in turn makes it impossible or restricts satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is the phenomenon is so widespread that devote him today, scientific conferences and symposiums. Individual species are devoted to dozens of scientific monographs.

According to approximate estimates, in USA suffer from erectile dysfunction about ten million men. According to estimates of the German scientists this figure in a United Germany is closer to 5 million. Chronic stress, poor diet, smoking and as a consequence of atherosclerosis play a negative role on the state of reproductive organs of men, in both women and men.

Today there is no doubt that the emergence of erectile dysfunction due to several reasons, each of which individually and/or in combination with others, can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Causes of erectile dysfunction
Psychological disorders

  1. • Depression.
  2. • Alcoholism.
  3. • Medicine addiction.
  4. • Specific psychopathological disorders – depleted sexual technique, fear of impotence, etc.

Endocrine disorders

  1. • Reduction of gonadal function (hypogonadism).
  2. • Diabetes.
  3. • Prolactinoma (a pituitary tumor).
  4. • Boeck’s disease with involvement of certain areas of the brain.

Disorders of the cardiovascular system

  • • Atherosclerotic disease of the blood vessels of the penis against diabetes, Smoking, excess cholesterol in the blood, hypertension.
  • • Penile angiospasm (a violation of blood circulation in the vessels of the penis), as a result of smoking, taking certain medicines.
  • • Corking pelvic arteries as a result of bone fractures of the pelvis.
  • • A violation of the functions of the venous system of the penis.
  • • Combination of different reasons.

Organic (anatomic) changes of the penis

  • • Peyronie’s disease.
  • • Fibrosis and multiple sclerosis the cavernous tissue of the penis, as a result of trauma, injury, inflammatory diseases, etc.

Neurological disorders

  1. • A violation of cerebral circulation.
  2. • Diseases of the spinal cord.
  3. • Multiple sclerosis.
  4. • Peripheral toxic neuropathy.
  5. • Parkinson’s disease.

It is important to note that in most cases, erectile dysfunction is the consequence of several reasons. As see, scientists, 80 percent of all of erectile dysfunction are due to the influence of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and Smoking. Often these causes are layered with psychological problems. That is why the clarification of the specific causes of erectile dysfunction should be done by qualified and experienced doctor, who is not confined exclusively on the problems of own specialty.

The unwillingness of men to the doctors about erectile dysfunction is a big trouble for doctors around the world. In the masses is not accepted with the problems of a personal nature access to doctors. In addition, male psyche in terms of his sexual peculiarities are highly vulnerable, and the expression «personal issues in my life» often turns into a «personal problems», i.e. problems with anyone you can’t share. Meanwhile, modern medicine has a very significant Arsenal of means (tadalafil, viagra, levitra) necessary to help such patients.

In principle, any event, aimed at improving and normalizing all organism functions, can be seen as a means of restoring erectile function. Consequently, in a complex with other therapeutic measures are often applied hyperbaric oxygen therapy, physical therapy, laser and magnetic therapy.

Unfortunately, the organic forms of erectile dysfunction, is very often doctors are not able to completely rid the man of the underlying disease, which has led to problems with erection. In such cases, it is treated symptomatically, that is, treatment, whose job is only to restore the ability of men to a normal erection.